2017/3/16Enrollment Information

【School Admission for 2017 School Year】


Pre-K Class:For children born from 2014 April 2nd to 2015 April 1st (Tosabori Campus: New Students Invited)
K1 Class     :For children born from 2013 April 2nd to 2014 April 1st 
K2 Class     :For children born from 2012 April 2nd to 2013 April 1st
K3 Class     :For children born from 2011 April 2nd to 2012 April 1st

2.Campus Visit

You are welcome and encouraged to visit our campuses and meet with the Osaka YMCA Internaionsl Kindergarten staff.
We are eager to meet you, and we will endeavour to address any of your concerns and educational needs.  
Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Tennoji  :06-6779-8404 

Tennoji  :tennoji-kinder@osakaymca.org 

3.How to Enroll

1)Campus visits
2)Fill in and submit application
4)Explanation of entrance details