For those possessing a Visa valid for more than 6 Months

※ The applicant is considered as the regular student,
and has the student ID card.

Requirements for application

Applicants must have a valid visa for more than 6 months at the time of entering the school.
(Example; Dependent visa, Designated Activities visa, Spouse visa, Permanent Resident Visa etc.)

Applicants must have a guarantor who is a resident of either the Osaka prefecture or a neighboring prefecture.
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Application Period

2 weeks before the classes begin
(Applications will be closed when the course has been filled.)

Course Fees

Enrollment Fee Tuition Fee (6months)Total
100,000yen 330,000yen 430,000yen

※ Tuition has to be paid every six months.

※ The second half of the tuition (330,000yen) should be paid by the end of the school term.

※ Every applicant is asked to pay the enrollment fee only once at the beginning of the course.
However, if more than one year passes after the student has finished our school course, he/she must pay it again.


※ Once the classes commence, the course fee is not refundable.

※ The tuition does not include the cost for textbooks(approximately 6000yen).

※ All YMCA students have to be insured in the 'Total Insurance for Student" system.
The fee is ¥3,500 for a 6 month period. With the Total Student Insurance system, a student receives condolence money if their guarantor were to pass away. Therefore the name of the guarantor will be registered on the list.
If this matter is somehow inconvenient for guarantor of the student, he/she can consult with the school at any time.

Required Documents

Documents to be prepared by the applicant

Application form (for other visa)

Five passport-sized photographs (4cm × 3cm)

※ Please bring the original so that the office staff could make a photocopy.

Alien Registration Card
※ Please bring the original so that the office staff could make a photocopy.

Documents to be prepared by the guarantor

A Guarantor Form to YMCA  ※ A registered seal must be used for this form.

Regarding the enrollment procedure


① Please call and ask the office staff about the application period.

② The school does not accept any application documents sent by mail.
The application should be done by making an appointment and arriving to the school in person together with the guarantor.

③ In addition to the documents listed above, we would kindly ask you to bring money necessary to cover the expenses(¥433,500) when coming to the school.
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