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Preparation Course B

In preparation for graduate school exams

This is a preparation course for those who have graduated from university and intend to study further in Japanese graduate school.
Preparation Course B provides each individual with examination guidance, ranging from consideration to each student’s research theme with research planning to entrance examinations.

Course Outline

Each student’s preparations for entrance examinations for graduate school include the determination of a research theme, the investigation and determination of a research institution, research planning in writing, interviews with a professor providing instructions, a written examination, an oral examination, etc.
Full-time instructors provide a one-to-one counseling carefully on a series of these preparations for students while they learn Japanese. This course develops each student’s Japanese proficiency and advanced academic skills so that they can understand lectures, read specialized materials, conduct research, make reports,
and give presentations in Japanese.

Class Schedule

More than 920 classroom hours per year

Class  Time Monday to Friday
Comprehensive Japanese language learning
and academic skills

12:50〜13:50 Lunch Time
Test preparation classes (elective)
Research planning, short essays, JLPT, entrance examination for fine arts college, and English

  • AM:Four, 50-minute Japanese classes × Five days a week Including “Class Hour” once a week
  • PM:Two, 50-minute exam preparation classes × Twice a week
  • In “Class Hour”(Home Room”, you learn how to prepare foe exams to enter further education, how to study on your own, and how to become independent in Japan.
  • * Students are to choose two subjects for the exam preparation classes (two classes a week for four classroom hours in total) for the afternoon.
  • * Students can take a maximum of five subjects for the exam preparation classes. Additional tuition fees are required according to the number of subjects in excess of three (for a maximum of 1,100 classroom hours a year).
  • Osaka YMCA International College has a tutoring system, in which full-time instructors provide a detailed counseling on the review and decision of your theme, and the study and choice of research institutions as well as examination guidance and information on each university and vocational college while you have no classes college while you have no classes.
  • The contents and the number of hours of preparation classes vary with the level and season.