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Japanese Comprehensive Basic

This course focuses only on Japanese language learning for people who wish to develop their overall proficiency in Japanese used in their daily life and who do not need measures for entrance examinations.

Course Outline

The course provides students with 800 classroom hours a year so that students can acquire comprehensive and advanced Japanese proficiency in a short period of time. Students will learn four skills, i.e., reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills, in a well-balanced manner and develop their communication skills. Furthermore, students at an intermediate or higher level can acquire academic skills, including research, organizing, and presentation skills, which are useful in the
real world as well. The course offers a wide variety of opportunities for exchange and experience, such as one-to-one conversation practice with Japanese people and YMCA’s volunteer activities, outside school hours. Through these experiences, students will experience Japan’s society and cultures and develop a global perspective and their understanding to their own cultures as well as different cultures.

Class Schedule

800 classroom hours a year

Class  Time Monday to Friday
Including a “Class Hour” once a week.
Comprehensive Japanese language learning
and academic skills

  • AM:Four, 50-minute Japanese classes × Five days a week Including “Class Hour” once a week
  • In “Class Hour”(Home Room), you learn how to prepare foe exams to enter further education, how to study on your own, and how to become independent in Japan.
  • Students who need preparations for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) can take the exam preparation classes in the afternoon. Regular tuition fees do not cover the exam preparation classes, and an additional tuition fee is required. 2 hours/week: @15,000 yen/8 weeksTaking Japanese language learning as a part of career development, the course supports each individual’s future designs including job finding in Japan.
  • The course has a Japanese tutoring system, in which students can practice conversation one-to-one with Osaka YMCA volunteers so that they will be able to have opportunities for exchange and improve their conversation skills (for free).
  • Osaka YMCA International College offers other specialized courses including a high school course, and students can communicate with a variety of people outside school hours on campus.