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Information on Preparation for College

College preparation is very important because college is an institution that helps to determine your future. That is why we provide each student with guidance for college preparation in order to make each student's dream come true.


College Preparation Guidance Schedule

Spring Semester

Inside the School Outside the School
April The 1st College preparation Guidance and the 1st Counseling for College preparation
June Start of English and Math cram classes The First EJU
July The 2nd College preparation Guidance and the 2nd Counseling for College preparationSummer Break(Mid-July to Mid-August)
The First JLPT
August Universities Fair (inside the School)  
September Start of designated College applicationsCounselling for College preparationStart of EJU cram classes.
Start of preparation for private universities applications.
Start of application to Private Universities.

Fall semester

Inside the School Outside the School
October Start of interviews for private universities Start of test for private universities.
Start of Application of vocational schools.
The second EJU
December Start of preparation for public universities.
Winter Break(Mid-December to early-January)
The Second JLPT
January Start of interview practices for public universities Start of applications and tests for public universities.
March Graduation
Spring Break (Early-March to Early April)

The list of the designated schools

Location Universities
Kyoto Ritusmeikan University
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Heian Jogakuin University and College
Kyoto Seizan College
Osaka Hannan University
Otemon Gakuin University
St. Andrews University
Osaka University of Tourism
Osaka International University
Poole Gakuin University
Hagoromo University of International Studies
Tokiwakaigakuen University
Hyogo Kwansei Gakuin University
Himeji Dokkyo University
Mie Yokkaichi University
Okayama Kibi International University
Ibaragi Ryutsu Keizai University

※Total number of students who could receive a recommendation is above 20.

List of the designated schools [Vocational Schools]

Location  Schools
Osaka Osaka YMCA International College
Osaka Digital Technical College
Osaka Game College
ECC Computer CollegeECC Artist College
Osaka School of Music
Osaka Dance and Actors School
Osaka Bunka Fashion College
Syusei Technical College
Japan Institute of Photography & Film
Kansai Design & Modeling College
Hyogo Ecole CP ( Ikusei Gakuen)
Ecole CP ( Kobe )

※If you apply to one of the Universities using the designated school application, you could take advantage of benefits such as discounts on enrollment fees or tuition, etc. (However, the benefits differ from college to college.)

The Colleges most YMCA graduates get in to:

National public Universities:

Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kobe University, Nara Women’s University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tsukuba University, Shiga University, Mie University, Kagawa University, Fukushima University, University of Ryukyus and so on.

Other public Universities:

Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka City University, University of Hyogo, Fukui Prefectural University and so on

Private Universities

Keio University, Kyorin University, Tama Art University, Toyo University, Dokkyo University, Kyoto Sangyo University, Doshisha University, St. Agnes University, Ritusmeikan University, Ryukoku University, Otemon Gakuin University, , Osaka University of Tourism, Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka International University, Osaka Sangyo University, Osaka University of Commerce, Osaka Seikei University, Kansai University, Kinki University, Hannan University, Poole Gakuin University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Tezukayama University and so on

Vocational School :

Osaka YMCA International Collage, Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Osaka, Osaka Mode Gakuen, Osaka Bunka Fashion College, CAT Music College, Osaka Information and Computer Science College, Osaka School of Music, Shusei Technical College and so on

The school record of students going to higher education

Schools Obtain a job
(including going back to home)

Graduate School
(including research students)
5 (6.4%) 36(46.2%) 0 (0%) 19 (24.4%) 1 (1.3%) 17 (21.8%) 78 (100%)
8 (12.5%) 28(43.8%) 0(0.0%) 21(32.8%) 0 (0.0%) 7 (10.9%) 64(100%)
8(13.3%) 24(40%) 0(0.0%) 13 (21.7%) 0(0.0%) 15(25.0%) 60(100%)

The number of students who passed JLPT Level 1 and 2.

  Year 2008 Year 2009 Year 2010
Level 1
20 29 22
Level 2
13 28 47

The highest Score of EJU

  Year 2008 Year 2009 Year 2010
First Test 354 357 322
Second Test 379 374 357

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