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Korea /Graduated in March 2009
YMCA - Keio University

I finished my studies at Osaka YMCA in the spring of 2009. As long as students have their own definite aim, YMCA has a comprehensive support system for the students in order for them to achieve their goals. Actually, I had very little knowledge about Japanese at first. However, after I realized that my goal was to go to a university, Osaka YMCA helped me greatly to make my dream come true. In addition, I was able to learn Academic Japanese, which is what one needs to study at a university. At YMCA you are able to study the Japanese language for many purposes: to study at language schools, to live in Japan, and also to prepare for studying at universities.
Osaka YMCA has scholarships for students who have a strong will to study Japanese.
There are also many cultural exchange programs to help students understand the Japanese culture, so I recommend you join those programs.

Italia /Graduated in March 2009
YMCA - Kansai College of Business & Languages
I became interested in Japan when I first started watching "anime" on television during my junior high school years. Later I chose a university carrier that allowed me to carry out my studies of foreign languages and finally, in order to master the Japanese language I decided to come to Japan and study at the Osaka YMCA Kokusai Senmon Gakko. I successfully took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2, and I am now studying Trading at the Osaka Kansai Gaigo Senmon Gakko.
I am glad that I had picked Osaka YMCA: my classmates took care of me, the teachers were kind and experienced, and the school equipment was good. I think that going abroad to study helped me to grow up and become a fine adult, and the years spent at the YMCA were an important part of this process. If I would have stayed in Italy, I wouldn't have been able to meet many friends from various countries and interact with their cultures directly. We spent really good times together while trying to get used to life in Japan and facing everyday problems together. I am very grateful for all their support and I will never forget the activities we enjoyed so much, such as the acting club and the school trips.
Before coming to Japan I was worried about many things, particularly whether or not I would be able to study and at the same time have a part-time job to cover living expenses. That's why I was very, very happy when I received a the scholarship from the school! I cannot really express my gratitude in words, but I will always cherish my experience at the Osaka YMCA.
Thank you!

Mexico /graduated in March 2008
YMCA - Osaka University Graduate school

My name is CELESTE SANDOVAL GOMEZ and I am from Mexico.
I studied Japanese at YMCA for 2 years and now I am studying at the Graduate School of Osaka University, Culture and Language Research Department.
There are a lot of Japanese companies in Mexico so I thought that a translator must be necessary. I wanted to help the relations between Japanese and Mexican companies. For that reason I came to Japan to study Japanese and become a translator. Of course I suffered culture shock because Japan is very far from Mexico, but thanks to YMCA's teachers and my classmates that did not become a big problem. Back in Mexico I had only studied a little Japanese and KANJI, so when I came here I did my best to overcome the language barrier. It was not just me but my classmates who made great efforts, and thankfully as we got better in speaking Japanese I made a lot of good friends. Every day after class, we stayed at school and did the homework together, talked with the teachers and studied for THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TEST, we passed level one. But I thought that studying was not enough to get to know Japan so I participated in the many volunteer and exchange programs available at Osaka YMCA. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people when I went to a Japanese elementary school, cooked Mexican food in THE TOSABORI FESTIVAL, did a home stay in a Japanese countryside house and went to a Christmas party. The two years passed very quickly.
With the firm classes at Osaka YMCA I think I got closer to reaching my goal. And I really appreciate that the teachers were always kind, helped me with any problem that I had and also gave me good advice. I think I will never forget the experience , which I got whilst studying at Osaka YMCA.
I am still doing my best to reach my goal.

Hong Kong /Graduated in March 2007
YMCA - Osaka Bunka Fashion College

Four years have passed so quickly since I came to Japan. Before I came to Japan, I was not very good at speaking Japanese and was worried that I might not be able to communicate very well in Japanese. However, my worries disappeared after I started studying at Osaka YMCA. Teachers made the class very exciting and interesting, and we laughed a lot in the classes. I did not expect that I could enjoy studying Japanese so much. We had a lot of assignments. When I completed them, however, I realized that they helped me to improve my Japanese very much. I used to look forward to introducing my assignments in the class. I tried to make the answer very interesting. Even though I sometimes gave incorrect answers to the difficult questions, the teachers corrected my mistakes and it helped me a lot.
Osaka YMCA has a lot of events and programs outside of the classroom. My graduation play is especially memorable. We staged a drama in order to show what we had leaned and how we improved our Japanese. I am really grateful to the teachers for their support.
When I was in the advanced class, I was distressed about what I should do after graduation. The teachers listened to me and gave me advice. Thanks to them, I am studying in a fashion school now. This is my second year of studying in the school, and my friends always praise my Japanese. I am really glad to have had studied at the Osaka YMCA and to have had improved my Japanese. From now on, I will continue doing my best on my work to achieve my goal in Japan.

Taiwan /Graduated in March 2006
YMCA - Waseda University

I spent a year and a half at Osaka YMCA. It was a precious time for me. I liked Japan very much and I wanted to speak Japanese fluently. That was my dream. Before I studied at Osaka YMCA, I had very basic level of the Japanese language of about 50 kana and simple greetings, yet, after having had studied at Osaka YMCA I was able to pass JLPT level 1 and realize my dream of studying at a graduate school.
The most impressive experience I had at YMCA was having a speaking partner or a tutor-san. Even after I came to Japan, I had few Japanese friends at first. I did not have the opportunity to speak Japanese outside the classroom, nor to learn about Japan. For me, the time to talk with tutor-san was very precious. I practiced speaking Japanese, of course, and tutor-san taught me Japanese culture and customs, for example how to wear Kimono. Tutor-san also listened to my queries and gave me advice. We became good friends and still stay in touch with each other.
Thanks to YMCA my dream to speak Japanese fluently came true. I also met my tutor-san, who became an my important friend of mine. Now that I have graduated from Osaka YMCA I am doing an MBA at Waseda University. I believe that I made a good decision by studying at Osaka YMCA.


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