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The Surrounding Area

Around the School

Osaka YMCA is located in Nishi-ku, a cosmopolitan business area in Osaka city. You can easily reach Umeda and Namba, Osaka's main downtown areas, by public transportation.


sign_Bd1_190.jpgHigobashi-1 East


artmuseum_190.JPGThe Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

centralhall_190.JPGOsaka City Central Public Hall

Libraly_190.JPGOsaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library

royalHTL_190.JPGRega Royal Hotel

Museum_190.JPGOsaka sience museum & National museum of art

osaka_CC190.JPGOsaka International Convention Center

nakanoshimaPark_190.JPGNakanoshima Park

Life_190.JPGSuper market

Uzbopard_190.JPGUtsubo park

About the Area

Osaka YMCA is located in the city of Osaka which lies at the very heart of the Kansai region.
The region is rich in fascinating and unique history and culture. The city of Osaka has very convenient access to Nara, the first capital of Japan, Kyoto, with its 1300 years of history, and Kobe where a unique combination of modern Japan and foreign atmosphere can be found.


Nara© Naracity Tourist Association

img_around10.jpgView from Mt.Wakakusa

img_around11.jpgNara Park


Kyoto© Kyoto City Tourist Association

img_around07.jpgGion Shirakawa

img_around08.jpgYasaka Tower

img_around09.jpgTogetsukyo Bridge