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A high level of Japanese ability is required to communicate with the Japanese people and to aquire skills and expert knowledge in Japan.
Osaka YMCA International College Japanese Language Course makes all the preparations necessary to improve your Japanese ability.



Your class level will be determined by a test before the start of the courses. In our courses, students can learn Japanese intensively in suitable classes designed to meet their needs and levels.

Books_190.jpgThe textbooks, which are used in intermediate and advanced level, were originally developed by YMCA. In addition, the authors of those books currently teach at YMCA as teachers. YMCA's teaching methods and teachers are highly valued by the students.

Level Lessons Textbooks
Beginners level ・Basic Grammar & sentence patterns required for daily conversation
The Japanese Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries and some 500 Chinese characters(Kanji), together with about 1,400 vocabulary items are introduced at this stage. 
Nihongo Shoho
Intermediate level ・Grammar & sentence patterns in the intermediate level
Approximately 750 Kanji and 1,500 vocabulary items are introduced at this stage. Classes are designed to achieve a well-balanced language ability consisting of four skills(reading, listening, writing, and speaking) and the theme of the lessons are problems and issues faced by foreign students in the course of their daily life in Japan.
Chukyu kara manabu Nihongo
(Our original textbook))
Advanced level Ⅰ ・Grammar & sentence patterns required for a higher level of communication (making presentations, telling details of your life and culture, etc.)
・Japanese ability which is required for higher level of communication at Universities
・Classes preparing students for The Japanese Language Proficiency Test and J-Test.
With video materials as the focus, these classes are designed to refine the skills which have been developed at the beginners and intermediate levels so that the level of Japanese language proficiency approaches that of a native speaker’s. 
Jokyu de manabu Nihongo
(Our original textbook)
Advanced level Ⅱ To understand newspapers and TV programs
・Communications for every circumstance
・Classes preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and J-Test.
YMCA Jokyu Nihongo
(Our original textbook)