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Christian Worker Tuition Discount System

img_christ01.jpg© Osaka ChurchOsaka YMCA strives to expand its activities to help people to live together in justice and peace, based on the love of Jesus Christ.
As a Christian school, the YMCA Japanese language school was formed with the purpose of giving pastors, evangelists, church workers and teachers Japanese language training.

Eligibility for application

Applicant must belong to a church and presently serves there or has plans to do so in the future. The applicant must be a non-Japanese national and have a need to learn Japanese. (Nationality and funding are inconsequential.)

Applicant must have a strong desire to attend YMCA and study Japanese (not just the sender/ sponsor)

The sending church must have an office in Japan with a representative who will be the student’s guarantor and who will take the responsibility for the student during his/her stay in Japan.

Discount application course

The Japanese Language Department
1-year Course Ⅰ, 1-year Course Ⅱ, 1.5-year Course, 40 days Short Term Course.

Tuition reduction

Reduction Calculation: 30 percent of the tuition.
※ Separate from the above fees, entrance fee, materials fee, and if the applicant requires student visa, application fees are needed to be paid separately.

Application requirements

Applicants must be dedicated to Japanese language study and fulfill attendance requirements.

Applicants must understand the aims of international / regional activities of YMCA and must actively participate as a volunteer.

img_christ02.jpg※ Participating in the international support activities, helping with programs for the handicapped and participating in street donation activities, etc.
※ Helping fellow schoolmates
※ Participating in cross-cultural programs with local schools, etc

School fee payment deadlines

  • Visa holders must pay within 2 weeks of course commencement.
  • Students applying for visas through YMCA must pay at the time the immigration office issues the “Application for Certificate of Eligibility” which is either March for students starting in April or September for students starting October.


The following is a list of reasons for which a student may be suspended from the tuition discount program.

The student is absent for more than 90% of class days. The student’s attitude is not good and the quality of the schoolwork is very poor. Unavailability of exam results due to student not being present at exam.

In case the student breaks the rules of the school or the laws of Japan.

Application procedure

Tuition Discount System(Request form)
Statement of intention
③Brochure about the group to which the student belongs
④The course application documents, the following documents must be submitted.
Click here for course guide

Upon submission of the documents, a guarantor (the sending party representative) or another type of a representative must attend YMCA for an interview.
★Acceptance is based on the evaluation of submitted documents and an interview.
(This screening will not determine the acceptability of an applicant)