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Tutoring System

An important factor to improving your Japanese is to use Japanese that you have learned without hesitating. However, the students who have just arrived to Japan have few Japanese friends and they hardly have a chance to use Japanese. "I want to speak Japanese more!" "I want to talk with Japanese people more!" Our tutoring system was established in order to respond to those kinds of student requests.
Each student gets together in a pair with an Osaka YMCA volunteer member and meet their counterpart once a week to have a conversation in Japanese for an hour after class. The students can use Japanese they have just learned in the class, ask for advice about life in Japan, and talk about Japanese culture. They can improve their Japanese through their relationship with the tutor-san.

学生の声2.pngI started using this system last August, when I met my speaking partner, tutor-san. At that time, my Japanese skill was not good enough to communicate with her very well. I remember that I was really nervous when I met her for the first time. At first I wrote down what I wanted to say and used dictionaries a lot. As time passed, I become less nervous, and got excited to see her every week. We usually meet on Thursdays. My tutor-san, brings me newspapers to let me know more about Japan. Because of this exercise, I learned a lot about Japan.
img_other01.jpgMoreover, she often sends me letters and cards. I try to reply to her in Japanese as well, for that reason I had to learn how to write letters the Japanese way. Once she sent me a letter with clovers and other flowers in the envelope, which really impressed me. She also teaches me how to make earrings or necklaces with beads, and how to fold origami. She was the one who introduced me to origami. Thanks to this tutoring system, I met my tutor-san. I am very grateful. I have only 1 year left at YMCA, and I would like to keep meeting my tutor-san even after I graduate from YMCA. Now, she is not just a tutor-san for me. She is like my Japanese mother. I would like to show my gratitude to her by studying harder.

Home Visit

img_other02.jpgThe Osaka YMCA volunteer members started this program to help the international students experience life within Japanese households. The students would visit the volunteer's houses, have meals together, and spend time with the families.


It costs a lot and takes time for the international students who have just arrived to Japan to prepare for life here. The Student Bazaar should resolve their worries. We have pans, bowls, cups, dishes, plates, soap, towels, and these are all donated by the people who support Osaka YMCA .
The price is amazingly reasonable and all the profit is donated to Osaka YMCA Christmas fund and will is for Osaka YMCA International social programs.


学生の声2.pngI came to Japan last October. It is very difficult for international students to leave home and do everything by themselves. They get surprised at the price difference. They cannot afford to buy daily necessities when they see the high prices at stores. Although we cannot buy everything we need, we can buy those things at reasonable prices at the bazaar. It is very useful because the prices are good. Sometimes we can find electronic appliances, such as refrigerators and micro waves.
I am greatful to the people who donate things. After graduation I would like to do something similar to help international students. I really hope that this program will continue to support the international students.

Total Insurance for Students

This is the financial support system for cases such as when a student was to be involved in an accident or was to get injured. This system also applies to cases such as the death of a person who pays the school and living expenses. Also the system covers reparation payments for student-caused accidents. The YMCA students are obliged to take out this insurance.
※ However, this is optional for short-term course students.

Commuter Pass / Student Discount

Osaka YMCA International college has been approved as a Specialized training college Secondary course, and our students can receive commuter passes and JR train tickets (when travelling more than 100 km) with a student discount.
※ Except for short-term course students.

Commuter pass  students can buy the commuter pass with a student discount (50% off the regular fee)
Student discount:  students can buy the JR tickets (when travelling more than 100km) with a student discount

Free Admission Pass to cultural attractions in Osaka

Students who have student visas can receive the International student special pass for the cultural institutes in Osaka.

Provided by Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, International House Osaka
Cultural Institutes Osaka Science Museum, Osaka Museum of History, Sakuyakonohana kan, Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Osaka Castle, Tennoji zoo, and so on.