【在校生の皆さん】5月以降のオンライン授業実施について/ Online classes from May

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◆ 5/11(月)~7/1(水)[中間試験最終日]の期間、通常授業をオンライン授業で実施します。
◆ コロナウイルス感染の収束により、大阪府により休校解除の通達があった場合も、上記期間中はオンライン授業は継続いたします。ただし、その場合、登校を希望する生徒は来校してオンライン授業を受けたり、課題をパソコンルームで行うなど、学校で直接教員・スタッフのサポートが受けられるようにいたします。
◆ 7/2(木)以降の授業については、5月以降の状況を見て再度判断し、お知らせいたします。

◆ オンライン授業形態については、下記2種類のいずれかを基本とします(クラスによって異なります)。
(1)オンラインLive授業(Google Meet、Zoomなど) 
(2)Google Classroom上での課題のやりとり




また、生徒の皆さんは現在、GmailやGoogle Classroomのログインを行い、コンタクトグループ担当の先生と連絡を取り合っていると思います。




IHS Students, Parents and Guardians,

We would like to inform you that IHS has made the following decisions regarding the implementation of classes following Golden Week.

From Monday May 11th to Wednesday July 1st, (the last scheduled day of midterm exams), regular classes will be held online.
◆ Classes will continue even if a notice of school closure is issued by Osaka Prefecture. In the event a prefectural school closure notice, students who still wish to physically come to school will be able to receive direct support from the staff, such as taking lessons online (at school) and completing work in the PC room.
◆ For classes after Thursday July 2nd, a later judgement will be made and we will inform you.

◆ Lesson configuration
(1) Live online classes via Google Meet or Zoom
(2) Presentation and submission of work via Google Classroom
Basically, one of the above two types (depending on subject).

* Class orientation will be held at a later date. Students will be expected to attend, so please ensure participation. (More details later.)

The future outlook is that the spread of the corona infection will likely continue for a long time. There are reports that it may take more than a year. Also, even if the emergency declaration is lifted in May and school re-opened, we expect it to be uneasy for some students to commute on a crowded train or take classes in a full classroom. Such are the opinions we've heard so far.
IHS has made the above decision in consideration of the safety and security of students, and of the risks of going to and being in school.

Because this is a first-time experience for most students and staff, it is expected that issues will arise. Please communicate regularly with instructors and staff, and let us know of any and all issues or problems. We will work daily to improve the environment and solve problems by sharing information and providing feedback.

Students have registered Gmail and Google Classroom accounts, and are in contact with their designated Contact Group teacher. Online homeroom classes also start this week. From May, each assignment given will be an important step to see the successful implementation of regular classes. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher in charge and try and resolve the problem.

Parents are expected to suffer various burdens. Considering this, we would like to restart the education of students as soon as possible. We will make every effort to regain the precious high school days and secure time to study with peace of mind. Parents and students, please help us provide a safe environment for students to take online classes.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.