Scene of school life

Scene of school life

Learn and Practice in the World-wide YMCA Network!

We celebrateour differences

Extra Curricular Programs

41.8% of IHS students have an international background or our returnees.

Spread tothe world

YMCA's Global Education

The YMCA has a global network that allows you to feel the connection between yourself and the world.
Our educational institutions include International Kindergarten, IKP, International School (Elementary and Middle school) and IHS.
Our students continue on to study in domestic or oversea universities.

1stgrade:True Communication Skills / 2ndgrade:Studying abroad / Internship program / 3rdgrade:To be a global citizens

Our 3ーyear Curriculum to be a globally minded citizen

IHS offers its original English curriculum and great programs for experiential learning.

Educational Policy

Educational Policy

Even though our class size is small (30 students per grade), IHS holds a wide variety of nationalities and cultural backgrounds.
There are some students who had a hard time attending schools before.
Therefore, we set our educational policy as “Celebrate our differences”

Information sessions, Open School

Information sessions, Open School

We offer renewal school tours and open school.

A wide range of courses leading to a dream after graduation

Results of University Entrance

Wide carrier paths to achieve your dreams.
98% of IHS graduates enter domestic or foreign universities etc.


Osaka YMCA International High School

1-5-6 Tosabori Nishi-ku Osaka City, Osaka Japan
TEL: +81-6-6441-0848 / FAX +81-6-6443-7510

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