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Cultural Exchange Activities

In addition to the communication between students and teachers, there are many opportunities for cultural exchange with a variety of people in the neighborhood ranging from children to the elderly as well as the people from the YMCA.
By spending time together, you can transcend both language barrier and borders. The students and their counterparts will naturally gain mutual understanding of many things. This is a good opportunity to practice the Japanese that you have learned in our textbooks.

Summer evening festival

This is one of the YMCA's an annual programs, which is held during the summer vacation.You will have a chance to teach us about your country's culture, such as types of food, dance, etc.


Inaka no undoukai (Sports festival on Awajishima Island)

This is a lodging experience program on Awajishima.
The students and the locals have a chance to play sports and games together.
After the games, the local people enjoy the food cooked by our students. This is a great chance to learn about Japanese life-style, culture, and customs whilst being surrounded by the beautiful nature of Awajishima.


YMCA Charity Marathon

This is a charity relay.
Participation fees and grants are donated to support disabled children.


Tosabori Christmas service

Tosabori YMCA members get together to celebrate Christmas.
They attend a service held at the oldest church in Osaka where a Christmas message is given in a solemn atmosphere.
After the service, everyone enjoys conversation, having snacks at the YMCA hall.


Christmas street fund-raising campaign

This is our annual fund-raising campaign during the Christmas season. The collected money is used for a scholarship and other YMCA programs.